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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What are the rules?

Fusion adheres to guidelines set by nationally accredited organizations for each sport.  Modifications may be adopted in order to provide the best adult recreational experience.   For sport specific information, please visit our  RULES RULES PAGE .


2 - Who Can Play?

Anyone 21 or older may participate in a Fusion Sport & Social League.


3 - Do I have to have a team in order to register?

No, players looking for a team to join should sign up as Free Agents and Fusion will find you a spot based on your sport preference, location and skill level. Small groups may request to be placed together.


4 - How many games are included in a season?

Leagues typically consist of 7 regular season games plus playoffs. All teams make the playoffs!


5 - Is there a Sponsor Bar?

Yes.  Each league will have a sponsor bar with drink and food specials for teams to visit after every game.  


6 - How much does it cost to play a season?

Registration fees range between $55 and $85 depending on the league. Captains will choose to make a full team payment or invite each player to make payment individually. Free agent payments are individually based. A majority of league fees will be offered discounted Early Bird rates at the start of each registration period. Start and end dates along with corresponding prices are located in the League page for each sport.


7 - What does my registration fee and service fee cover?

The registration fee pays for many things including: a full slate of regular season games plus playoffs for ALL TEAMS. Other items also included with your registration and service fee are field/gym space rentals, field/court maintenance, equipment, standard t-shirts (Team t-shirts you keep), league managers, field supervisors, referees, website mgmt, marketing and advertising, prizes and other administrative costs to facilitate a well organized experience for you.


8 - How do I sign up?

Registration is available on-line using a major credit card.  To create a new team, click on the Team Registration Button on the League page. Captains will invite players to join their team; players will be contacted via email with links and instructions for completing registration. Typically there are 4 registration sessions corresponding to each season:

  • SPRING - Registration opens end of January; league play begins in March
  • SUMMER - Registration opens end of April; league play begins in June
  • FALL - Registration opens end of July; league play begins in September
  • WINTER - Registration opens end of October; league play begins in December


9 - How do I sign up without a credit card?

A credit card is required for online registration. Please contact the Fusion S&S office ( EMAIL ) if you need to make alternative arrangements.


10 - What if it is just me registering?

No problem. When you register online, select the Free Agent option. Free Agents may be added to teams looking to complete their roster or on a team made up entirely of like minded Free Agents looking to stay active, meet new people and be social. It's a great way to meet new people and to play a sport you love or explore a new activity.


11 - How many players are on each team?

Go to the respective Sports section on the website and the League Info section will include the minimum # of players per team for the respective sport.


12 - Why is there a minimum # of players on a sports team?

We require these minimums mainly due to the fact that from week-to-week there are always a couple players on vacation or out of town, and we want to make sure there are always enough players each week to play a game and avoid forfeits. Forfeits are no fun and ruin the experience for everyone so this has been a great way to avoid that.


13 - How can I register a Corporate team and have my company pay for it?

A company can pay for a Corporate team one of two ways:

1) The Team Captain registers, creates the team and pays the entire team fee by credit card, which will cover up to the minimum number of players for that sport. If the team roster will exceed the minimum number, the captain should contact Fusion by email for further instruction.


2) The Team Captain registers, creates the team and selects a check FOP. Checks should be made payable to "Fusion Sports Leagues, LLC" for the entire team cost (Individual player fee x # of players) and Fusion will create a 100% Discount Code for the team players to register. For this option, please email to request this process.


14 - What is the rain out policy and how will I know if games are canceled?

Game status updates will be posted on the Fusion Sport & Social website. Updates may also be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, but are secondary to the website update. During the week if games are canceled prior to 4:00 captains and team members will be notified via email. If a decision to cancel is required during play our staff will attempt to contact the remaining teams scheduled after that point. Players should also pay close attention to our social media outlets for updates as well.

Game status decisions are made as soon as possible based on field conditions and safety concerns. Many times conditions will deteriorate rapidly with field conditions changing from ideal to unplayable in minutes.


15 - Games were canceled last week. When do I play?

Unless otherwise notified, follow the schedule as posted for the current week. Make up games are typically scheduled towards the end of the regular season unless a more appropriate time during the season is available. Captains will be notified by email regarding schedule updates and changes. Fusion reserves the right to provide a 6 game regular season due to excessive rainouts Fusion reserves the right to schedule make-ups and playoffs on days/night other than your regular scheduled day/night.


16 - What should be done if my team will have to forfeit?

The team captain or a designated team representative should contact the Fusion team (contact by email preferred - atlanta@fusionsportsleagues.comas soon as possible regarding forfeits so that opponents and officials can be notified. The opposing team will receive a win and points that count towards league standings.  **Teams with a forfeit will automatically drop to the bottom of any tie breakers**  Failure to provide the Fusion office with prior notification of 2 or more forfeits may result in removal from league play or playoffs.